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Good Enough for Me

By Taylor Kirkham--From an extremely young age, we are taught that our self-worth is based upon other’s perception of us.

These messages slither through our minds, and trap us on a people-pleasing treadmill that seems impossible to get off of. 

By my pre-teen years, thoughts of obtaining beauty, weight loss, and ultimately perfection never ceased to cross my mind on a daily basis.  Acceptance from others, numbers, letters, grades, sports scores, and pounds were how I weighed my idea of a worthwhile human being.

Let me fill you in on a secret…not everybody likes you. In fact, I bet there is somebody out there who thinks you are downright crazy. I can promise you that you will come across people who don’t understand your style, the jokes you tell, or the way you look. I guarantee you have encountered people who have judged you before they knew you, and I am confident that this will appear again in your future. But no matter if you are the President, Beyónce, or the founder of a charity organization, this is an unavoidable part of life’s journey. It is not there to tear you down, but rather to serve as a gentle reminder of how great you are.

I know what you’re thinking. How does somebody hating me prove how amazing I am?! Chances are that this let down will sting for a while and possibly ruin your week. Maybe a teacher didn’t like your speech, your boyfriend dumped you, or a nasty rumor was spread. Our society has taught us to fight to the death in order to gain their approval…but why?  If you haven’t hurt anybody, other’s perception of you is none of your business. Being content with yourself is the ultimate shield that will protect you from any hurtful comments, judgments, or hatred thrown in your direction. Your job is not to lose weight or change your wardrobe; your job is to remind yourself how amazing you are everyday, so that you are bulletproof to these negative messages.

I will never be friends with everybody. I will never get every cute boy’s phone number. I will certainly never fit the current standard of a beautiful body type. But because I have learned to accept myself, my shield protects me from the media, from mean girls, from ex-boyfriends, and anybody else who doesn’t approve. I am proud to say that I am good enough for me.  Once you learn this small lesson, you too will become completely bulletproof.


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