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Feminist Lingerie: Neon Moon

By Annie Zomaya--Here’s something you probably haven’t heard of before: feminist lingerie. Bras and knickers designed for YOUR body and NOT for the male gaze. Sound too good to be true? Neon Moon, established by Hayat Rachi in London, is taking on a whole new look and feel for women’s undergarments!

Their products are designed to give women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities optimum comfort and confidence. I had the pleasure of interviewing Hayat to get a look inside the ideas and inspiration behind this revolutionary line of clothing.

Annie Zomaya: What is "Neon Moon" and what inspired you to create it?

Hayat Rachi: Neon Moon is a feminist lingerie brand, empowering women in all phases of womanhood. Neon Moon is for women who share similar values and ethos in not objectifying or sexualising women and creating beautiful body positive bras and knickers that mould around a person’s body, and not the other way around.

AZ: What are some of the frustrations you and others have had with conventional lingerie and the lingerie industry? 

HR: I don’t believe women need to be body-shamed into fitting a particular standard of “beauty” to buy great lingerie, and feel good about it. Women also do not need to be considered an object of the male gaze to have a purpose, which is frequently used in brand advertising. Bra styles that encourage push-up, padding and wiring to young women is especially frustrating, as it perpetuates body-shaming. Neon Moon was created on the back of this frustration. My brand is bold enough to stand up against it all, and have models who show their natural bodies in all its wonderful glory. I do not choose to hide the fact that women do have cellulite, stretch marks, acne, freckles or hair on their bodies – it is liberating to show aspects of a girl that would usually be retouched.

AZ: Neon Moon is a "feminist lingerie company." There are a lot of misconceptions about feminism today. What does feminism mean to you? 

HR: Neon Moon is an unapologetic feminist lingerie brand. The lingerie itself does not encompass any padding, push-up or wiring which I feel contorts women’s bodies, making them look like the lingerie industry’s definition of ‘perfection.’ I market the brand on the values and ethos that it doesn’t matter whether a woman has hair growing on her body (which we all do!) or have stretch marks, cellulite, acne or freckles, and I choose not to have them retouched.

As an Arab girl, I also choose to have diversity within my lookbook, as I find there is an unfortunate lack of people of colour within lingerie lookbooks and adverts. Neon Moon aims to create equality within the lingerie industry and boost women’s perception of their body and not sexualise them or objectify them along the way. Neon Moon is also lgbt and non-binary friendly, and aim to create equality in all forms through lingerie.

AZ: Neon Moon promises that none of the photos of your models have been or will be retouched. How did you come to that decision? How do you think women will respond?

HR: When I was growing up I never found girls that looked like me in adverts or magazines, diversity wise and also in the flawless nature of the models. The moment “before and after” retouched photos popped up around the internet I felt like these companies were trying to insult my intelligence.

So I created Neon Moon with the mantra of never making girls believe they should be anything like a physically unattainable model! So what if they have cellulite or hair? It’s natural! And with a few posts of my thoughts and the models lookbook pictures on social media, it was reconfirmed to me that people appreciate the honesty of it all more than I could ever understand.

AZ: When will manufacturing for Neon Moon begin?

HR: I have set up a timeline on Neon Moon’s Kickstarter campaign, and hopefully with the successful backing of the Kickstarter campaign manufacturing will begin in August 2015.

AZ: I noticed that your products are made in Britain. Will they be available for purchase in other countries as well?

HR: Shipping will be available worldwide, as my fiancé Benjamin and his mother Lisa both work within logistics they have taught me very well about international shipping! With the successful backing on Kickstarter, Neon Moon could literally take over the world! haha

AZ: Will there be a wider variety of sizes available as this project develops?

HR: There certainly will. I have been inundated with messages and emails regarding both smaller and larger sizing. With the successful backing on Kickstarter I aim to create more sizing options. The sizing on the Kickstarter does not reflect the options I will hopefully have in the future! I aim to grow organically.

AZ: What is your biggest aspiration for Neon Moon and how will that be achieved?

HR: I hope that Neon Moon can be the go-to lingerie brand for women, transgender and non-binary people who require a brand that does not objectify or sexualise, that instead promotes body positivity and successes. If one woman feels more content with her body in Neon Moon lingerie and is then able to ace a job interview, exam or any milestone within her lifetime, I’ll be happy.

AZ: Finally, who can be a #NeonMoonGirl? 

HR: A girl, a man, a transgender boy or girl, a non-binary person, a mother, a daughter, a son, a father. Anyone who believes in the vision of feminist lingerie and how it can promote positives towards women is a #NeonMoonGirl! I hope your readers can affiliate with anything I’ve said here and can pledge towards Neon Moon’s Kickstarter campaign, making it one step closer towards becoming a reality!

Be sure to check out the official Neon Moon website to learn more and find out how you can help support this campaign! I personally think this is an absolutely fantastic project and a huge step forward for positive representation of women. Neon Moon Girls are about to light up the world in a whole new way!

About this blogger: Annie Zomaya is  a college sophomore from Kentucky, currently debating what to major in. She also has her own blog, Reconstructing Annie. She is 8 months into recovery from anorexia nervosa. 

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