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Fat Shaming: Who Does It Benefit?

By Kristina Combs--Makeup: a way to self-express yourself and feel comfortable enhancing the skin that you are in—not for cosmetics company, Benefit.  

The company’s UK branch tweeted fat-shaming tweets on July 6th, claiming that they were just having some fun.  Sorry, but when did discrimination of someone’s body type become “fun"? I’m pretty sure that’s also known as bullying.

It took the company approximately two hours to release an apology tweet after many angry customers expressed how wrong it was of the company to do so. 

Many customers threatened to boycott the brand (rightfully so!) and asked if Benefit would make some other jokes on current events, such as what is happening in Greece or if racism was trending would they jump on that and create offensive hashtags, the company had no comment.

Many customers, as well as UK beauty bloggers, have come up with the hashtag: #boycottbenefit. 

The company's “big mistake” has now cost them some of their sponsored bloggers,  resulting in a decrease in new product promotion, as well as global customer.

Body shaming is disgusting, as everyone is beautiful regardless of what a scale says. It’s sad that a cosmetic company felt the need to publically humiliate their fan base in order to fit in with "the trends". Try embracing your customers, at every shape and size. That never goes out of style.

About this blogger: Kristina Combs is a native New Yorker who has a passion for helping others.  She received my B.A from Hunter College in May 2015 and will be attending Adelphi University School of Social Work in the fall. She started volunteering with NEDA’s Helpline in hopes to help support and empower individuals and their families who are affected by eating disorders and to let them know that they don’t have to go through this alone.  When she’s not volunteering or focusing on my studies, she enjoys spending time with my friends and family and blogging.

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