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Don't Fall Into the New Year's Diet Trap

By Victoria James--New Year’s resolutions are often considered a long-term goal, but typically only last the month of January. Everybody wants to take the opportunity of the start of a fresh year to work on improving themselves. However, this often involves the idea of getting into shape; and while that could be a healthy goal for some to pursue, society has turned these New Year’s resolutions into a full-on diet craze.

Businesses take the opportunity of the holidays being a time of food, fun, and celebration to guilt people into these extreme diet methods. This is promoted by commercials, magazines, and the internet – everywhere you turn, there are “quick ways to lose weight,” which ultimately end up being unhealthy. They suggest the idea that “your body isn’t good enough, and must get better” and the only way to achieve that is by losing weight, which promotes body negativity and can be a factor in disordered eating.

These extreme diet crazes are also enforced through weight-loss apps, which often promote unhealthy diet and exercise habits. And to make it worse, the media idealizes these methods by promoting the so-called “perfect body.” This type of media contributes to the huge amount of body negativity in society. 

It’s hard to avoid these ideas this “diet-crazed” time of year, but it’s important to remember that being healthy includes a happy and healthy mentality over how you look and feel. It is important to stay body positive and aware of this falsified media to avoid falling into these traps that are promoted by companies to make money.

Instead, use your New Year’s resolution to focus on self-care. If you want to use this new year as a fresh start, utilize that by focusing on what you want and what makes you happy, healthy, and excited about life. The best way to stay on the right path is by avoiding these body-negative campaigns that are focused on body shaming – and instead be proud of who you are and all the great things you have to offer the world. 

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