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Demi Lovato’s Unretouched Photo Shoot Was Inspiring, Not a ‘Humblebrag’

By Dana Land--After receiving treatment for an eating disorder and other mental health concerns, Demi Lovato has made it her mission to speak up for body positivity and recovery. Recently, she posed nude and makeup-free in an unretouched Vanity Fair photo shoot. For this, she received endless support from her fans.

However, a piece on the Daily Beast suggests that her actions were a humblebrag. Before this article, I had never heard of a humblebrag. A quick Google search told me that a humblebrag is when you make a modest or self-deprecating statement to get attention for something that you feel proud of. The article in question makes a compelling argument for this being a humblebrag by stating that the photo shoot “is reminding every person who also feels insecure about their body that they don’t look as good naked as you do.”

To argue the idea that this was a humblebrag, you have to look at Demi’s intention when doing the photo shoot. A humblebrag suggests that you have to have demonstrated modesty or even hatefulness towards the thing in question before flaunting it. Demi’s recent history shows that she’s been speaking about her body with love and respect, not disparaging it. She has mentioned how she feels confidence and love toward her body these days. In her recently-released song, “Confident,” you won’t find her making a self-deprecating comment about herself.

Far be it from me to say that Demi must feel confident 24/7; most of us in recovery still have our bad days like anyone else. And it seems like these days, she practices loving and accepting her body—not self-deprecation or blindly displaying herself as perfect. It seems as though the photo shoot wasn’t about showing how great she looks naked; it was to say “Hey, I used to see a million things wrong with this body and now I love it. This body that I used to hate is now a source of confidence for me. This is possible for you, too.”

How could Demi, or any other “hot, young, celebrity” (to quote the article) reinforce that message without rejecting photo shoots that use dramatic makeup and Photoshop? How can Demi humblebrag if her attempt wasn’t to be humble or to brag in the first place?

As someone who is currently in recovery for an eating disorder, seeing another woman’s naked body can go in either direction. On a good day, I might become inspired and burst with love and acceptance of my own and pride for my fellow women. On a bad day, I might become negatively comparative and beat myself up.

Even on that bad day, however, I can still appreciate Demi’s message of self-evolution and growth. She went from a place of insecurity and negative comparisons and now she’s in a place of confidence. She has always said that with her words, and this time she showed us with her actions by posing nude and unretouched. She is not a shameless humblebragger—she’s an inspiration.

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About the blogger: Dana Land is a junior at DePaul University. She is studying to become a burlesque dancer and therapist. In her free time, she loves singing along to Demi Lovato’s “Confident” while making her cat dance along to the song.

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