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In Defense of Kylie Jenner

By River Zain Ceballos--If you're familiar with anything Hollywood, you've heard of the Kardashian clan. They're tan, conventionally attractive and notorious for making bold fashion choices and showing off their curves.

These days however, the media has been obsessing over 18-year-old Kylie Jenner. She is the proclaimed black sheep of her family, who moves to her own beat. Kylie has famously admitted to getting lip injections while she was underage because her thin lips were a major source of insecurity for her.

And if you're keeping up with Kylie’s dating life like the rest of the world has been, you already know that she's dating rap superstar Tyga and their relationship has been making headlines for over a year now. Not too long ago, many assumed Kylie was pregnant because one unflattering photograph made its way around gossip magazines.

After the smear campaign launched, Kylie admitted to extreme body insecurities because she thought that the world believed she was “fat.” Like Kylie, many people in the industry live under a microscope and are constantly under scrutiny for their appearances. So many people have the mentality of, “Well, they chose this lifestyle. They know backlash and criticism come with the territory and that's their fault.” But that is very unfair and so untrue.

The famous family’s hit reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians first aired in 2007—meaning that both Kylie and her older sister Kendall were under the age of 10! They grew up in the spotlight and didn't have a choice. This is all they've known. People think that if you are in the entertainment industry, then the world has a free pass to dissect you and pick apart your every flaw. Believe it or not, celebrities are real people with human flaws and human feelings.

As a teenager, Kylie’s body is still undergoing changes. Is it fair that her every move, word and outfit is critiqued? These days, the media often preaches body positivity and self-acceptance, especially to young women—so why do gossip columns and even mainstream publications continue to bash celebrity women?

As an uncle to eight nieces, I have seen the older ones struggle with their reflections in the mirror and it hurts to watch; I can't fathom what I’d do if I knew they were dealing with these insecurities in front of literally MILLIONS of people. We live in a generation where our youth are incessantly bombarded by media messages. By focusing on Kylie’s waistline, the media is telling young girls that their drive, ambition and achievements aren’t as important as their physical appearances.

Could you imagine being a teenaged celebrity feeling self-conscious over a “bad” hair day and having dozens of paparazzi trampling over each other to catch you at your worst? I can't help but think about how damaging that can be to a young adult’s psyche. It is inherently hypocritical for our society to trash Kylie for her boyfriend, figure or rumored plastic surgery procedures while critiquing every inch of her body in the same breath.

We can deal with our issues, our body image woes and our insecurities in the privacy of our own home. Celebrities don't have that luxury. Let’s start replacing false rumors with praise—you don’t need to be the editor of a big-name magazine to do that in your daily life. Compliment the people in your life today. Let them know that they are valued, just for being themselves. And remember: change starts with one voice!

What do you think about the media's Kardashian obsession? Tell us in the comments below! 

About the blogger: River Zain Ceballos is a spokesperson, print model, actor and activist. Follow him on Twitter @RiverC_Official.

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