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Dear Demi, it’s Time to Stop Focusing on Our Flaws

By Siena Roberts--In today’s society, you can’t do anything without being criticized. For example, when Demi Lovato posted body positive photos on her Snapchat, Seventeen Magazine called her out on it.

Seventeen didn’t appreciate how she phrased her body positive comments, criticizing her for the use of the phrase “I’m not perfect.” The author of the piece wrote this in her article:

“The issue is that by saying she's not perfect, she implies that there's a standard of physical perfection that young women need to meet. That's total BS. As long as you're healthy (and that's a conversation for you and your doctor, no one else's opinion matters), you're perfect. Period.”

I found the piece as a whole an interesting critique, but one that I definitely do not fully agree with. Demi Lovato has been very vocal about her past struggles with her body, and has paved a path for a much more open discussion about body image and eating disorders. She often posts body positive selfies, make up-free photos, and unretouched magazine spreads.

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As a whole, I don’t see anything wrong with showing off your body and feeling confident. The only problem I have with Demi’s Snapchat message is her first photo. In the photo she is seen pinching her stomach, to give an illusion of fat there. This is a very disordered pose and way to show your body.

It also should be mentioned that it is likely that she’s not really pinching fat, but is probably pinching her layer of skin. The constant poking, prodding and pulling that many eating disorder sufferers put their body through is often a sign that they are looking for flaws, looking for something to hate.

And for Demi to put this image out to her millions of Snapchat followers seems absurd to me. She is showing her followers that it is not perfect/fit to look the way she does. For Demi to be spreading this harmful message truly came as a shock to me.

Demi has dealt with eating disorders before. I was initially shocked to see her portray her body in such a way, as if she were saying to her large fan base, “It’s not perfect when you have a normal, healthy layer of body fat on your stomach to protect your organs!” I have to say, I’m sick and tired of this bullshit about stomach fat.

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To say that it isn’t perfect or fit to have that layer of normal, healthy fat is simply wrong. Also, what many girls and guys think is fat is in fact a layer of skin that protects your body and organs.

While I don’t agree with Seventeen’s critiques, I definitely do have some of my own. I’m tired of women feeling like they need to pick out and admit their flaws before saying that they’re confident. We need to say, “Yes, I know I’m not perfect!” before admitting we love ourselves. While, newsflash, no one’s perfect. So let’s stop highlighting our flaws and focus on the many, many positive parts of ourselves.

About the blogger: Siena is 18 years old and will be going to American University in D.C. as a freshman in the fall. She will be majoring in public health. She enjoys running, volunteering at the humane society and hanging out with her two dogs. Her favorite food is peanut butter, and she loves coffee. She has struggled with anorexia since her freshman year of high school and is passionate about bringing awareness to and finding help for those suffering.

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