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Dear Chase: Is it Possible to Fully Recover from an Eating Disorder?

Chase Bannister is the Founder, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy & Clinical Integrity Officer for Veritas Collaborative, a specialty hospital system for the treatment of eating disorders in a gender-diverse and inclusive environment. He is credentialed as a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist by the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Chase combines clinical and executive expertise to nurture a spirit of meaningful collaboration and carries a zeal for advancing public awareness on eating disorders.

Some people believe that it is not possible to fully recover from an eating disorder and that the best one can hope for is "remission." Do you agree with this point of view? Why or why not?

A plethora of misconceptions about eating disorders exists in our communities. Shame, stigma and stereotypes have long prevented individuals from seeking treatment and feeling confident they can truly overcome an eating disorder. Although our field has made significant strides in increasing awareness about eating disorders, these stigmas and stereotypes are still present today.

Many people, including those in the healthcare community, have feared that eating disorders are a lifetime illness with no hope for a full recovery. This is absolutely not true; full recovery from an eating disorder is possible. Seeking treatment early in the disease progression is vital. With appropriate treatment, even those who have struggled with an eating disorder for decades can recover fully. We see examples of that every day [Ed note: see Proud2Bme’s recovery stories and NEDA’s stories of hope for inspiration!].

Early detection and early intervention are vital, and it is imperative that people receive treatment from a multidisciplinary team at the appropriate level of care at the right time. One of the consequences of inadequate treatment is that individuals are often discharged from higher levels of care before they have mastered the skills needed to succeed in outpatient treatment.

It is a travesty that far too many individuals with eating disorders are left to suffer for years without adequate treatment. Recovery is absolutely possible!

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