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Creating Balance

By Chloe O'Connell--I am a 23-year-old student at Northeastern University. My love of fitness began as an athlete, all the way back when I could begin kicking a soccer ball. My enthusiasm and love for sports grew in intensity until I suffered a back injury in eighth grade. 

Trigger warning: Descriptions of eating disordered behavior.

After my injury, I tried tirelessly to recover and make it back to my beloved sports. Unfortunately, I was unable to continue playing sports, making high school and all of its social/fun aspects very hard and different from what I had always imagined. Once I was able to manage my back injury, I became obsessed with fitness, healthy eating and becoming what I thought was “perfect.”

I spent years wasting away at the gym. I would spend hours at a time trying to burn through as many calories as possible, sometimes going to the gym twice a day. My relationships disintegrated and my family and friends watched heartbroken as I was wasting away. Years of this routine resulted in bone loss (osteoporosis), stress fractures, foot surgeries and time off from school.

I battled with my eating disorder for many years, going through multiple treatment regimens with unwavering support and love from my family. I have had a few of what the doctors call “relapses” but for the most part it’s been a healthy and strong few past years. My battle with my eating disorder will never truly end; I will forever work on recovering. 

However, I am now happy, working on being healthy and able to live a life without restricting myself to minimal calories and hours of gym time. I am working toward strengthening my bones (I am in a medical trial though Boston Children’s Hospital) and taking care of my body.

I still love to work out, eat, do yoga and cook. I am a certified yoga instructor and teach as well as practice yoga myself. I fell even more in love with yoga during my yoga teacher training in Maui, Hawaii. The whole experience helped me to move past a few tough obstacles and reach a point where I’m able to love fitness, maintain balance and enjoy foods happily. My workouts are low-impact due to my foot injuries, but I do a lot of heavy lifting, cycling and weight training without the pounding of jumping and running. I modify workouts so I can do them safely without injury.

Sure, I work out hard, but I “play” hard too. I love to eat out with my boyfriend, friends and family, and indulge in yummy foods and a whole lot of wine. I greatly, greatly enjoy wine, especially red wine. I’m in college, but I can allow myself to have some fun! Every day, I learn that life is about creating balance.

For recovery resources and treatment options, call the National Eating Disorders Association Helpline at 800-931-2237.

About the blogger: Chloe is a senior business major at Northeastern University with a passion for health and all things yummy! She enjoys cooking, yoga, traveling and spending time with my friends and family. Life has certainly been a journey, but she is thankful and grateful for it all. Cheers!

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