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Could You Go Mirror-less?

Mirrors can be a source of stress, especially when we're focusing on "flaws" and "imperfections." But what if you took a break from your reflection? There's a growing movement to do just that.

Do Something offers this project with Action Tips on how to make your high school mirror-less:

"Makeover your school for a day, a week, or even the entire year. Get rid of mirrors and encourage everyone to focus on positive body image and self esteem."

Over at The Beheld, Autumn decided to ditch the mirrors for a month and blog about the experience. Her Month Without Mirrors project offers some insightful observations on beauty and identity. She writes about everything from what it's like to go to the gym without looking in a mirror to the challenge of shopping for clothes when you can't look at yourself:

"The goal was to loosen the grip that self-consciousness has had on me for much of my life—that happened, to a degree, but what I discovered during my month without mirrors was the way in which I use mirrors to manage other facets of my life."

And how about this for a serious commitment to the cause? Kjerstin Gruys decided to go without mirrors for an entire YEAR, including the months leading up to her wedding--arguably the most appearance-obsessed time of most women's lives. She decided to take The Knot's Bridal Beauty: Countdown to Gorgeous Challenge...without mirrors!

"I'm going to do this thing my own way. No mirrors. No going over budget. Most importantly, no prioritizing of my looks over my relationships, job, or health. But, within these constraints, I want to do some damn gorgeous-ifying! I think it's going to be challenging but fun, enlightening, and (hopefully) entertaining."

Could you go without mirrors? Want to give it a shot and report back to us? Leave your "reflections" in the comments!

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