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Carl's Jr. Goes "All-Natural"

By Shira Moskowitz--Last night during one of the coveted $4 million Super Bowl commercial slots, the people at Carl’s Jr. introduced the West Coast (it was "too racy" to be aired anywhere else) to their version of “all natural.” 

The commercial starts with five-foot-seven model Charlotte McKinney seemingly naked (we later realize she is wearing a bikini top) with her long blonde hair flowing graciously as she walks across a farmer’s market. Fully-clothed men ogle her, incapable of hiding their shock and awe. Charlotte's sexualized voiceover says, "I love going all natural. It just makes me feel better."

But nothing, and I mean nothing, prepares you for her butt being replaced by an apple and her boobs being replaced by a set of cantaloupes. I wish I was joking, but I’m not. One of the male on-lookers even pitches the "apple" and she turns around, covers her mouth, and looks coyly amused. 

Finally, 30 seconds into the 50 second commercial, our half naked model takes a bite of the chain’s new All Natural Burger.

The burger, just like our model, of course, is supposed to be unaltered (no steroids and no hormones.) It’s perfectly juicy just the way it is-all natural.

Now, Carl’s Jr., we’ve seen you run some pretty offensive commercials. It’s kind of your thing and I get that. 

We all remember when Kim Kardashian was eating a Carl’s Jr. salad on her bed  with her fingers because she can’t ever be seen sitting a table and enjoying her meal with utensils or not in a sexy nightgown, right?

We all remember Jessica Simpson practically acting as a human car wash while perfectly biting into your burger.

But to compare a woman to an actual and literal piece of meat? Truly, Carl’s Jr., you’ve outdone yourselves this time.

Not only are you saying your model is a piece of meat like your hamburger, but you're actually telling us that her airbrushed makeup and supermodel body is the definition of all natural?

I mean, really, can you cut us some slack?

And yes, I mean us-the people in the world, the majority of the world, who wake up without makeup and with blemishes and tangled hair—the self-proclaimed all-naturals. 

Us-the people that sometimes wake up bloated from their dinner the night before and don’t wear a bikini to the farmer’s market.

Us- the people who are not pieces of meat and the people who are not made of cantaloupes and apples for body parts.

Us-the people who love ourselves for having real bodies, with real pores, with real stretch marks and scars and moles and freckles.

I understand that money and sales replace morals and values for you. I really do get it. Your sexually offensive and triggering commercials sell.

I am not even saying to pull all your models off your commercials because I know that’s not realistic.

But at the very least, do us a favor and stop lying.

If you’re going to place a model on a commercial for millions of people to see, at least be honest about it.

There’s no shame in saying that Charlotte McKinney is a model who is in full make up (not to mention boob tape, bronzer, body-firming cream, bikini wax, etc) for this role. There's also no shame in Charlotte's body, or what she wants to wear to a farmer's market. But the thing is, this isn't about an individual woman's choices. It's about male acceptance. It's about sexism. And we deserve better.

About this blogger: Shira Moskowitz is an eating disorder recovery mentor, activist and blogger who believes everyone has the right to love themselves for who they are. Shira started her blog, Hello Life: A Year Without A Scale, two years ago to help herself recover from anorexia. She has not used a scale and has been in recovery for two years now.  She's made reminding others they are never alone in their fight to recovery her life mission. You can find her blog, resources for her online support group and contact information for guidance or mentorship at


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