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Books: Operation Beautiful

By Catherine Weingarten--Operation Beautiful: One Note at a Time consists of part real-life stories, part empowerment and part advice for a healthy mind and body. 

Author Caitlin Boyle explains how this amazing movement of leaving Post-It affirmations in public places started and she gives some really interesting and necessary advice about standing up to bullies and beauty standards. One of my favorite parts was the stories about different girls' experiences and then seeing pictures of them posting an Operation Beautiful note. It felt super personal and inspirational. If these girls can get through things like that and move past them, then I can too!

This book made me so Post-It happy. My hand kept twitching and I kept having fantasies of everywhere that I could post notes. I love how accessible this movement is and the fact that I could literally post anything with a nice phrase and suddenly be a part of it. There really are hardly any movements designed to raise overall body empowerment for girls and we are so lucky that Operation Beauitful exists! 

It sometimes seems that the only way to function in our society is to fat talk it up and go on the newest fad diet. But Boyle shows us that it is so much more important to put positive talk out there. That's the kind of talk that should go down more often because we’re worth it! As girls growing up, we see the pressure of looking a certain way. That pressure can make us feel like we need to fit in. But there is another option. Operation Beautiful is your ticket out!

For a long time I have struggled with body image issues. I had this future picture of myself and I believed I could never be beautiful until I lost weight. Then I would somehow be worthy of that attractive, attractive B-word. My pre-teen and teen years consisted of me trying different diets and having dreams of dancing through the purple fields--skinny, of course--and dating someone who you’re too cool to know. When I got into my first serious relationship, I was confused.  Why me?  I’m not thin enough yet.  This was all I could think about. When I was with him, I would ask him over and over “Do you think I’m pretty?” “Do you think I’m fat?” There was nothing more important in my life than being pretty. Being pretty would mean I was worth something. He would try to reassure me, but the yeses slipped through me like water. I was never going to be able to feel happy until I could feel good about myself--until I could realize that my qualities and uniqueness actually mattered! (People don’t tell you stuff like that).

For me, working at NEDA as a helpline volunteer was my wake-up call.  For the first time, I realized that there are other ways to live your way. Like Operation Beautiful, it opens a window of hope. When I was reading through Operation Beautiful it reminded me of that hope I got when I first set foot in the NEDA office, this hope that I might be worth something more than a scale or a dessert-free diet. 

Okay, inspired by Operation Beauitful and Boyle’s fun DIY exercises, below I’m going to write five things about myself that make me beautiful.   I hope that in the comments you guys can post why you think you’re beautiful too!
1. Growing up, people always told me to act in “Fiddler on The Roof” and I did go on to play Anne Frank in a night of romantic scenes. I totally own my Jewish look.
2. My clothing style transitions from goth to manly to girly to hobo hot on a day to day basis.
3. I’m kind of na├»ve, in like a cute girl living on the mountains way.
4. I dork out about theater way too much.
5. I found a way to empower myself all on my own and now love how I look. For the first time in my life, I have other things I focus on besides weight and it is literally the most incredible thing that could happen.


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Operation Beautiful Sticks it to "Fat Talk."


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