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Bodysnarking in "Compliments": Looking Critically at Media Coverage of Celebrity Weight Loss

By Brittany Posey--Bodysnarking is relatively straightforward in the media, most of the time. There are, however, exceptions, especially in celebrity infotainment media sources.

Sometimes (more often than not), we need to take a closer look into the underlying messages in seemingly positive media coverage of women and their bodies. If we don't heighten our senses to acknowledge the less obvious and more subliminal messages about our bodies being sent to us by the media, we can easily fall prey to believing the toxic messages they disseminate to us.

If you follow popular culture closely, or are one of those people who glance at popular culture magazines on your way through the grocery line, you've probably noticed the buzz surrounding Christina Aquilera's recent weight loss. People magazine has congratulated Aguilera in a couple of articles for losing weight, calling her 'new' body svelte. If you're not familiar with the term, svelte (I wasn't until I read the article), it means 'slender and elegant' according to Webster's dictionary. Why is it that 'slender' is seemingly equivalent to 'elegant'? Elegance is used to describe graceful, tasteful, chic, and sophisticated elements.

A woman can be elegant without having a slender physique. By ascribing such a positive term (elegant) to someone based solely on her size is a complete disservice to females.

As women, we must use a critical lens when we approach certain sources of popular culture media. Media literacy is one of the greatest weapons we can carry as powerful girls and women of society. The body snarking, whether subtle or blatant, must be recognized before we can change our thoughts and opinions about our bodies and our worth as women. Share your thoughts!

Here's what our members are saying:

• "We can all do our part to stamp out body snarking." - Kelly

• "Don't wait to love yourself until you reach the perfect weight. You are more than numbers on a scale!" - Dr. Leah

• "Spread the positivity --- it really works!" - AliciaB

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