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Is This the Body-Positive Superhero We’ve Been Waiting For?

By Emily Benko--NowThis, a news and media website, created a comic clip starring Faith Herbert, a seemingly body-positive superhero with optimistic intentions—but she is far from the body-positive superhero we all need.

I shamelessly confess that I grinned from ear to ear when initially watching NowThis’ promo, but my satisfaction hastily vanished as the 34-second clip wrapped up. I scream body equality from the rooftops and I applaud NowThis for their attempt to prove superheroes aren’t one-size-fits-all, but I can’t help but disapprove of their method.

The comic’s trailer merely emphasizes Faith’s appearance. Perhaps I was a naïve little girl, but I learned to overlook a heroine’s skin-tight bodysuit. Maybe the vibrant color schemes snagged my attention, but I glossed over my favorite superheroes’ exteriors.

While it’s important that Faith is comfortable with her plus-size figure, that doesn’t necessarily encourage others to have a positive and confident body image. It’s imperative that everyone is comfortable in their own skin, despite varying shapes, sizes and overall look.

Body positivity concerns more than people struggling with feeling big, small or any other weight-oriented struggles. It’s a shame that our society narrows the concept down to someone’s weight. People who live with physical disabilities, the visual side effects of chemotherapy, burn victims, amputees and so on deserve body positivity too.

Faith contradicts everything a real superhero stands for: self-confidence. Sure, she can fly, but she doesn’t seem to stand for anything of substance. She discovers “confidence” in the wrong places. Next time, NowThis should create a plus-size superhero who is so much more than her size.

About the blogger: Emily Benko is a communications major at St. Petersburg College. Nothing makes her happier than precious time spent with special needs children. Additionally, she encourages others to make self-love their full time job. She hopes that her passion for online blogging can positively impact anyone on the road towards recovery.

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