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By Jess Silverman--You see a new pair of shoes and you tell yourself, "I must have them." In your mind you can't live without them. They are beautiful and you already have ideas of how they will compliment your outfits. They will make you a better person; you will look fantastic because of those shoes. If that were true, nobody would really know who you were except for the shoes on your feet. Like a brand new pair of shoes, my eating disorder has been something I haven't been able to live without. It has kept me grounded. Recently I've been trying to change my attitudes and work on my recovery. I have also been trying to get rid of my old shoes and buy new ones. With every new pair of shoes I buy, I must realize that as comfortable as they may be at first, I need to have the proper support if I want to prevent blisters. Blisters suck. They hurt, they aren't comfortable or make you feel good, they don't look physically beautiful, and they hinder your activity depending on how raw they are. My eating disorder is a blister. It is a pain, ugly, and overall a bother. I realize that no matter how confident I feel with my recovery, if I try a new technique or challenge a new fear, I have to prepare myself. I have to have extra padding in my new shoes to prevent blisters. Maybe I need to break my new shoes in, only wear them for a few hours instead of all day. But I'd rather wear a comfortable, worn in, fit shoe than a brand new, tight, painful shoe. So each step I take with any shoe is going to be for overall comfort and health. Maybe that's why they say "you don't know what it's like until you've walked a mile in someone else's shoes." If it means having tons of blisters just to look good, I think I'd rather be comfortable and blister-free.


Poetry: An Invisible Battle

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