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Blink Fitness’ “Every Body Happy” Campaign is a Step in the Right Direction

By Emily Benko--Blink Fitness’ Every Body Happy campaign puts fitness stereotypes to rest and promotes the idea that fitness is for all shapes and sizes. The campaign shatters the notion that people work out to attain a particular physical appearance and nothing more.

While some people grind at the gym for a physical transformation such as weight loss, others strive for positive psychological results, such as boosted confidence and contentment. The beneficial effects of endorphins warranted attention long ago, but I applaud this gym franchise for sparking a much-needed conversation.

The movement’s slogan cleverly argues that “Feeling good is the new looking good.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, and that’s not the happy-hued advertising talking. Their cheeky images and feel-good teaser promote diversity, inclusivity and positivity in the workout world.

Blink Fitness’ campaign is backed by an online survey conducted by Harris Poll. The results were outstanding, but not astonishing. A whopping 82% of Americans indicate that exercise increases their overall well-being: 49% feel healthier, 35% feel happier and 24% handle anxiety more efficiently.

I, personally, would have perceived fitness differently during my teenage years if there were a campaign like this one working to increase awareness and make fitness more approachable. Athleticism doesn’t come naturally to me, so gym class was daunting as a child. It wasn’t until I graduated high school that I understood that I don’t need to run a ten-minute mile in order to experience the various upshots of moving my body.

Blink Fitness’ attention-grabbing campaign breaks stereotypes of gym-goers. It inspires me, the girl who gets winded climbing a staircase, to muster up the bravery to confidently saunter into my neighborhood gym. It demonstrates that the entire population is worthy of feeling good, both inside and out.

This campaign—and the message behind it—can help everyone to understand the importance of a healthy and wholesome lifestyle, and to see it as within their reach. We all have different, even silly, ways that we can make exercise work for us—and we should embrace those methods, rather than trying to look and act like everyone else at the gym.

Honestly, I recently shamelessly snagged myself a pair of trendy crops for a hot yoga class. It may seem ridiculous, but the funky pants motivated me to kick some Zen booty. Also, I perused Pinterest for creative and nutritious snack options. Fast forward a few months, and I still look forward to a Trader Joe’s run to stock up on delish nibbles. These are my little ways to treat my body well, and they might not work for the next person, but it’s about finding what works for me.

Progress is hard work, but if Blink Fitness can take a step in the right direction—by demonstrating that health is about your complete well-being and not a pants size—then anything is possible!   

About the blogger: Emily Benko is a communications major at St. Petersburg College. Nothing makes her happier than precious time spent with special needs children. Additionally, she encourages others to make self-love their full time job. She hopes that her passion for online blogging can positively impact anyone on the road towards recovery.

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