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Ariel Winter is Not Having Any of Your Body Shaming

By Olivia Clancy--Eight years ago, Ariel Winter made a name for herself when she was cast as Alex Dunphy on ABC’s Modern Family. Today, she uses that name to spread body positivity in the wake of body shamers.

Throughout her years in the spotlight, Winter has faced scrutiny for many of her choices, such as dating someone 10 years her senior, what she chooses to wear in public, and her decision to get a breast reduction. In the face of this relentless shaming, Winter chose to take a stand against haters and call them out for criticizing her decisions, particularly those related to her fashion choices.

The criticism Winter faces surrounding her outfits usually centers around the idea that she is showing too much of her body. This mindset represents a flaw within society that forces people to have to hide their love for their bodies. Winter takes a specific stand against this point saying that “We need to remove the stigma that women who are comfortable with their bodies are just ‘dumb sluts.’”

Most recently, Winter took to Instagram to vent about how often she is shamed for her lifestyle choices. The post came just a week after an interview with The Hollywood Journal in which she addressed these issues. In the post, she expresses her disappointment in the fact that that was the only part in the article people picked up on and then goes on to defend herself. She states that choosing to show her body does not make her “unintelligent,” “talentless,” or someone who “has no respect.” She merely “wears what [she] like[s]” and should “not be faulted” for that.

It is imperative to note that these kinds of body-shaming behaviors happen to women and men, famous and not famous, every day; and perhaps the most important takeaway message is to “Strive to please yourself and no one else.” Hopefully with celebrities like Winter shining light on the matter, these kinds of criticisms can become more and more obsolete.  

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