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Amy Schumer is Not Your Property

By Emery Gewirtz--Bob Proctor once said, “When you REACT, you are giving away your power. When you RESPOND, you are staying in control of yourself.” You own your own body, and therefore should dictate what happens to it. Resting, eating, exercise and even if you want a picture taken of it. The agency is yours.

This is what happened to Amy Schumer when she told a South Carolina man to stop taking pictures of her, but he didn’t. I definitely believe that this incident speaks to the belief that there is entitlement to a woman’s body. This man bought a ticket to see her, but ended up saying, “We paid for you.”

Seeing a show and paying for someone are completely different things. I commend Schumer for not immediately reacting to this situation. She said no multiple times and then went away. When she had time, she thought about it and responded. Her response was that she would no longer take pictures with people. What she was really doing was sending a distinct message: she doesn’t owe anyone anything. She doesn’t owe them a picture with her body, a smile or a yes. She is in control of herself and no one else will dictate what she can or cannot do.  

It is a message that will speak to women everywhere. Amy Schumer has always been an advocate for self-love and appreciation. She tries to empower women everywhere. In fact, she makes me proud to be a woman. Above all else, and whether or not Amy Schumer ever takes another fan photo again, she certainly keeps it real.

"I want to be honest and vulnerable to empower other women. I don't want them to feel alone in some of these ridiculous struggles most of us go through and don't talk about." We’re with you, Amy!

About the blogger: Emery attends the College of New Jersey. She is a member of Sigma Kappa sorority and works as a residential assistant for freshmen. She can most often be found outside reading or smiling.

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