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All or Nothing: Rethinking New Year's Food Resolutions

By Taylor Kirkham--"We have decided that we are going to be a sugar-free dorm room." These bold words came confidently out of my college friend’s mouth as her and her roommate quickly transferred their sweets into a box outside their door labeled "Free Food."

As I excitedly scooped up as many free cookie boxes as I could carry, I couldn’t help but think how sad life would be without sugar. I LOVE sugar! My body loves sugar! My body needs sugar for activity, for my brain, and just because it is so damn good! Sadly enough, these two girls were not the only ones who had decided on this "no sugar" New Year’s resolution.

Our society has trained us to see the world in black and white, leaving us no wiggle room to live in the gray area. For many years, I was caught in a destructive cycle of perfectionism, living only in the black and white categories of life. I either gave something my all, or simply wouldn’t attempt it. Perfectionism had me wrapped around its finger, and I struggled to stay afloat living on the two opposite ends of the spectrum. Little did I know that my life could be beautifully balanced if I would just migrate to the gray area.

What is the gray area you may ask? The gray area is where HUMANS live. The gray area allows us to eat sugar in moderation, it grants us permission to take a break, and leaves us room to make mistakes. When I suffered with an eating disorder, I would often label foods "good" foods and "bad" foods. I lived entirely in the "good" food section, and every so often would binge on the "bad" foods. This led me down a dark path of self-hatred and trapped me with all or nothing thinking.

Today, I am free to live a happy, fulfilling, and enjoyable life in the gray area. I eat sugar every day (most likely more than once a day!), I give myself permission to take care of myself, and I do not demand myself to be perfect. I live a balanced and peaceful life.

As the new year approaches, I encourage you to really think deeply about your New Year’s resolution. Is your resolution going to lead you toward a life of self-love and happiness, or is it going to guide you into all or nothing thinking? Don’t trap yourself--the gray area is always there if you just look for it! What is my New Year’s Resolution, you may ask? To make sure I eat sugar when I want to and continue to live a balanced life. Happy New Year!

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