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7 Ethical, Summer-Ready Beauty Brands

By Charlotte Hoppe--In our culture today, we spend countless hours dedicated to food planning, prep and research. Fad diets, eating disorders and food blogs are increasingly common throughout the world. What we put in our body has become so important that it seems we sometimes forget that what goes on our body is just as important—especially when it comes to make-up and other beauty products.

Our skin is an organ just like our stomach or liver; in fact, it’s the largest organ of the human body. There can be toxic chemicals in our shampoos, soaps and make-up that we never even give a thought to, despite the possible damage they can do.

Being vegan, eco-friendly, cruelty-free and all-around ethical in your make-up choices has never been easier or more popular than it is currently. Major corporations and even family-run business are meeting the ever-growing consumer demand for products that align with those ethical values and beliefs. If you are one of these people or are looking to find some beauty products you can feel good about supporting, than you have come to the right place.

Deep Steep is one of my personal favorite brands. I am vegan, and I discovered this brand over winter break at my local T.J Maxx. They offer numerous products, all made with almost entirely vegan products. The only ingredients they do use that aren’t considered fully vegan are honey and beeswax, which are used in only a handful of items. They pride themselves on using natural ingredients and being GMO-free, cruelty-free and gluten-free. I use their sugar scrubs daily and I can’t believe how amazing they smell and feel. They are so delicious! I highly recommend checking them out. Deep Steep is a family-run business out of South Carolina but their items are sold across the country. You will not regret any of your purchases!

Tarte is a 100% cruelty-free make-up brand that has a whole collection of vegan products ranging from $10-$48. This includes brushes, sponges, lip paint and gloss, foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer, contouring sets, primer, tanner, brow mousse and pencils, setting powder, sunscreen, cheek stain, blush and eye shadow. They offer variety and affordability, which is something hard to come by in the vegan and ethical beauty world.

Alba Botanica is another great brand that sells lotions, lip balm, face washes and hair care products. My go-to has been the Natural Acnedote Face and Body scrub. I am almost out of my third bottle. It smells so rich and leaves my face feeling smooth and rejuvenated. If you are concerned about the impact of micro beads on the environment you will be happy to know that this scrub offers the same feeling but it uses ground walnut shell as the coarse (but wonderful) texture. Their website is currently under reconstruction but most of their products can be found at this link.

Yes To, Inc. has eight different lines of products: Yes to Carrots, Yes to Tomatoes, Yes to Grapefruit, Yes to Coconut, Yes to Blueberries, Yes to Charcoal and Yes to Natural Man. Each of these lines serves a different skin type or beauty purpose. They use 95% natural ingredients, are cruelty-free and are members of the Leaping Bunny program. Karina Halliday, a customer service and order management specialist for Yes To, Inc. stated, “Except for the few products below, every other product in our lines are Vegan! And, of the products below, there was no harm to the bees and silkworms supplying the ingredient.”

  • Carrot Dry Scalp Shampoo:  Silk Amino Acids
  • YTC Dry Scalp Conditioner:  Silk Amino
  • Acids Blueberry Eye Firming Treatment:  Beeswax
  • Grapefruit Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream:  Beeswax
  • Grapefruit Correct & Repair Eye Cream:  Beeswax
  • Grapefruit SPF 30 Sun Stick:  Beeswax
  • Cucumber Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Stick:  Beeswax
  • Coconut Head to Toe Restoring Balm: Beeswax
  • Lip Balms: Beeswax

I have used their Yes to Carrots line and absolutely loved it! Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh, natural, cruelty-free face.

Wet n Wild is a PETA-certified, cruelty-free brand that makes an effort to collaborate with cruelty-free third party vendors. They are currently in the process of making their entire product line vegan. Under the FAQs on their website, linked above, you can access a list of all of their vegan beauty items. It is so long right now that I couldn’t list them here, but that’s a good thing! Their MegaGlo Contouring Palette is just a good as any high-end brand, according to Tashina Combs, the founder and editor-in-chief of Logical Harmony, a website blog about vegan beauty and lifestyle. The palette only costs $4.99 and can be found at your local Walmart or other Wet n Wild retailers.

Bali Body is a skincare company located in Melbourne, Australia. They pride themselves on using 100% natural ingredients at an affordable price. This means free shipping! Woohoo! They give us even more to cheer about, as they are totally vegan and cruelty-free as well. They offer a range of tanning oils, a sunscreen and a moisturizer. These products are a great way to naturally boost your summer glow.

Logical Harmony is a wonderful blog spreading awareness about cruelty-free and ethical vegan products. I have watched the videos and posts for a while now. It’s totally worth a look, especially if you aren’t sure where to begin on your ethical aesthetics journey.

Thanks for reading! Stay true to you. 

Header image courtesy of Tarte

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