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5 Ways to Self-Care at the Start of the School Season

By Ashley M. Williams--Can you believe how fast the summer goes by? I can’t. Although many of us hate to see the summer rapidly fade away (I am this person), I have to say that for me, the beginning of the school year can be one of the best times of the year. Of course, I was never super excited to have exams, essays, midterms, etc; but looking back, I did look forward to everything else that came with the school year.

My list of reasons can go on as to why it was such a great time. Everyone is coming back from a long summer to begin a new season, a new journey. People are refreshed. People are ready to try something new.

Among that list, I had to constantly remember that self-care was tremendously important. To be honest, it was something that I struggled with from time to time, but I knew that for my own mental health and sanity, it was very important for me to grab a hold of self-care. That’s why, during the start of the school season, I believe it is critical for students to remember to embrace self-care, and I mean seriously embrace it.  

Self-care is essential for the start of the school season. Despite what some people might think, taking hold of self-care does not mean that you are needy. Instead, it means you are strong and understand how to go about making yourself feel empowered.

With the joys that the start of the school season can bring, it can also be a time when we may take on much more than we can handle or forget to have balance. Trust me, I know. I was one of the people who did this. Even now, I still have to catch myself as a twenty-something in my career.

For these reasons, I have come to realize that it’s so important for us to discover and take on ways of embracing self-care (particularly at the start of any new season like the school season). To help you, here are five key ways that I believe you can embrace self-care:

1. Take “Me” Days

I sometimes need to take “me” days, days when I need a break to calm my nerves or to get some clarity. I think it’s important to have these in your back pocket whenever you need to de-stress. This means making time to rejuvenate and not hang out with friends, and that’s OK.

2. Set Boundaries You Can Keep All Year

Know what you will and will not do. You don’t want to overextend yourself or put too much on your plate. Make yourself aware of what it is that you will and will not do so that you know which boundaries need to be drawn. This will only help you moving forward.

3. Make Your Planner Your Best Friend

Setting boundaries is easy to do when you have a method behind it, aka…a planner. Having a planner that you turn to for knowing where and when you cannot do something is extremely valuable. This is especially true when it comes to commitments, classwork or engagements with your friends. My planner has become my best friend.

4. Get a Support Buddy

It’s always nice to have that one person, friend or counselor who you can turn to whenever you need a pep talk, some wisdom or understanding. Decide who this person will be for you at the start of the year, so that they know you will turn to them when you need. I think we all need someone in our corner that understands our frustrations and can calm us.

5. Plan to Do Something New/Fun Each Month

This is my favorite of them all! I have found that for me, self-care is the most fun when I am doing something new or learning something new. It makes life more interesting and helps me to enjoy life in the moment, instead of the stress it can bring. Decide to plan something to do that will make life more interesting each month during the semester. Trust me; this will definitely fulfill your soul.

Cheers to self-care!

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