Proud2Bme | 5 Ways to Promote Real Beauty, Not Bullying!

5 Ways to Promote Real Beauty, Not Bullying!

By Gina Fata--What would it feel like if we gave ourselves permission to praise ourselves every day to promote positive body image?  Positive body image is something that comes from within. And recognizing our own inner beauty is crucial when dealing with a bully.

Negative comments from others are difficult to deal with, but if you have a confidence from the inside about who you are, it will help you to deflect the negativity. This doesn’t mean that the words of others will not hurt you, but if you have the courage to feel good about who you are, your confidence and courage will override the mean comments.

Here are five ways to promote beauty, courage and confidence from within to feel proud to be you.  Share this with all of your friends, and help each other out if needed.  Do all five of these everyday, and tell us about your experiences on the Proud2Bme forums!

1. Everyday, look in the mirror and find 1 or 2 things that you love about yourself.  Examples: “I love my sense of style” or  “I have a great sense of humor.”

2. When you get dressed in the morning, do a dance break!  Put on your favorite tunes, and get that gorgeous body moving.

3. Choose a theme song for yourself.  Find a song that makes you feel fabulous, makes you smile when you hear it and that you can put on when you are feeling low.

4. Have a mantra.  A mantra is basically a phrase that you will think to yourself or say out loud to keep you feeling confident all day long. You can write it down and keep it in your pocket to look at during the day, or even post it up as your screensaver.  Example: “I am fun, confident and I always have a choice.”

5. Write gratitude lists of 5-10 things that you are grateful for.  Example: I am grateful for my intelligence; I am grateful for my Mom’s hugs.


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