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5 Ways to Give Kids a Confidence Boost

By Jeanette Suros--You don’t have to be a parent to make a difference in a child’s life. We don’t always realize the impact we make on our siblings, the kids we babysit or our young nieces and nephews. Realizing that children—even ones you’ve just met—look up to you is one of the major factors that helped me in my recovery. We want young people to grow up being their happy, authentic selves and it’s up to us to show them examples of what that means.

Here are five ways to help children take pride in their authentic selves.

1. Every day, remind them to ask themselves these two questions:

Is this helping me stay happy or does this make me feel bad?

What can I do today to show my body and mind love?

Teaching kids to ask these questions will help them avoid the things that are not good for them.

2. Engage kids in hobbies that make them happy.

Having them find what hobbies make them happy is a great way to keep them at ease. It also helps them find their creativity. Acknowledge their hobbies and be excited with them.

3. Always sit with them at meals.

Mealtime is an important time and it’s good to teach kids this. It’s a time when we sit and eat together and we talk about our day. We talk about how good the food is and how good it is for our bodies. How strong it is making us and how enjoyable it is. When kids just see you making the food and not eating it with them, it can send a message that this isn’t as important. It can lead to them not eating as well as they should. You can even play table games with them to make it more exciting. Also, having them help you cook makes it even better.

4. Teach kids to respond, not to react.

When negative things happen, children often react impulsively, leading to emotional discomfort. When someone tells them something that is hurtful or discomforting, they can say “I am not talking about this with you” and walk away. Always tell kids how strong they are and remind them of this technique.

5. Create meaningful traditions together.

For example, before children go to bed, ask them to tell you three things they love about themselves and three things that made them happy today. This will become a habit and help them stay true to themselves.

These are just a few things to keep in mind to help children accept and love themselves for who they are. We are the models for this generation’s children, and we can help to instill confidence in them as they grow up.

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