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5 Reasons Why Sookie St. James is a Body-Positive Hero

By Emily Pennington--Sookie St. James from Gilmore Girls managed to become the woman whom everyone wants to be friends with. She is fun, entertaining, determined, and supportive. But not only is Sookie an incredible person, she is also a confident, body-positive woman whom young girls everywhere can look up to. Here are just five of the main reasons why Sookie St. James is a body-posi hero.

1. Sookie broke fashion rules.

She wore what she wanted and rocked it every time. From bold prints to bandanas to that amazing cream wedding dress, Sookie was not one to shy away from her style—even if people might think her choices went against the rules of fashion.

2. Neither Sookie—nor anyone else on the show—ever mentioned her weight.

Sookie’s size and shape never became a topic of conversation and were never a big deal or an issue for her—making her the body-positive hero she is.

3. Sookie was unlike almost any other plus-size TV character to ever exist.

She lived a full and rewarding life; she was passionate about her work, her marriage, and her children. Nothing was able to stop Sookie.

4. Sookie’s size never seemed to be the question with her fashion.

Sookie rocked every silhouette that conventional wisdom says plus-size women shouldn’t wear, and her outfits included every wild, non-slimming pattern out there. Sookie never let her size get in the way—nor should she have! Fashion rules are meant to be broken, and Sookie dared to break them.

5. Last but not least, Sookie was just herself.

Sookie was strong and determined; she was unique and confident. Sookie never let anything get in the way of her wonderful sense of self-love—making her one of the most amazing, body-positive mentors I’ve ever seen on TV.

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