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5 Reasons Why EBONY’s March Cover is Groundbreaking

By Ashley M. Williams--EBONY Magazine’s March cover is nothing short of groundbreaking. When I first saw the cover, I was immediately in a little bit of shock, to tell you the truth.

Amidst the array of ordinary covers that feature small, petite or athletically fit women, this cover changed everything. What Victoria’s Secret has called “The Body” was taking a completely different form in “The Body,” a one-of-kind EBONY cover.

While I was looking at the cover, it hit me that many people may accept it or might find it not-so-groundbreaking. These opinions were referenced in an EBONY editorial piece about the cover. Many people might think that the cover is promoting an unhealthy body image for women. But then I thought, “Well, don’t magazines do that already?”

Look, I don’t want to have a conversation around which body types are appropriate—or not—to promote. I’m not even going to go there because I’m not here to judge. I don’t want to make women think that they shouldn’t love themselves for who they are. I don’t want to make women feel bad about their bodies, because I personally know the effects of that kind of negativity.

However, what I would like to mention are five reasons that I believe EBONY Magazine’s March 2016 cover is groundbreaking:

1. It teaches us acceptance.

The cover helps us to realize that each of us is the only person in our body and we should each accept ourselves. Many women, especially those struggling with body image, have a hard time accepting themselves for who they are. And that’s so sad. It’s interesting that despite what society may have told these women about their bodies, they are choosing to embrace their full figures, which is a sign to every woman that regardless of your size, you should accept you for you.

2. It reminds us to love ourselves for who we are.  

​One of the best kinds of love that we can have is the love that we have for ourselves. This love is what we use to protect ourselves and to help those around us to understand how they should love us as well. These women look like they love who they are, and every inch of their skin. Don’t hate them for it!

3. It says conformity is abnormal.

Like I said before, most conventional magazine covers tend to make us feel bad about ourselves. Their covers showcase these unrealistic expectations of beauty that we’re expected to conform to. What I love about this cover is that it doesn’t encourage us to be what people tell us we should be; it helps us to realize that we are each our own.

4. It takes a stand.

In this cover, these women look empowered. This cover perfectly represents the idea of throwing negative body image and expectations out the window. It says that we can each set our own standard of beauty.

5. It brings up needed conversations.

We need to continue to have these discussions around body positivity and to truly understand that everyone has their own definition of beauty. We need to have more conversations that elevate one another, instead of dragging other people down with unrealistic demands. To me, what is really beautiful is when a person is able to let themselves be seen for who they are, including taking pride in their body.

About the blogger: Ashley is the founder and CEO of RIZZARR, a social publishing that aims to collect the voices of young people around the world to empower them and to positively transform their lives. She has a background in journalism. Ashley has worked for NBC News, WBAL Radio, and USA TODAY. She graduated with honors from the University of Southern California, earning a B.A. in broadcast and digital journalism as well as minors in international relations and Spanish. 

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