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5 Reasons Why Ashley Graham's Latest Body-Positive Campaign is So Important

By Kaitlin Irwin--Model Ashley Graham has teamed up with Addition ELLE to become the face of the NOLA activewear collection. Along with models Jordyn Woods and Kris Yeo, Graham’s inclusion and support of the sleek and sassy pieces in the NOLA ad have earned her another gold star in the body-positivity movement. Here are five reasons why this campaign is so important and why everyone should pay attention to it.

1. It’s encouraging.

The NOLA campaign belongs to Addition ELLE, the plus-size branch of the ELLE brand. Having an activewear collection that belongs to such an iconic fashion brand is an encouraging step in having more body types represented in mainstream society and media. Addition ELLE also has a bo-po slogan: “Healthy comes in all shapes and sizes.” We know this is true, and Graham is constantly showing us that women of all sizes can take care of their bodies and be inspirational. Her mega-popular Instagram is filled with photos and videos that show the world that she, like many plus-size women, works out, looks smashing in clothes and exudes confidence despite stupid body standards.

2. It’s inclusive.

The new NOLA activewear collection offers a wide range of sizes, making it one of the most inclusive plus-size clothing lines out there today. It’s also introducing us to newer plus-size models Jordyn Woods and Kris Yeo, two lovely young ladies who we hope to see more of as they break body image barriers.

3. It’s fashionable.

It’s great to see more and more fashion campaigns that aren’t limiting plus-size women’s clothing choices to a potato sack. Addition ELLE is a trendy and recognized brand, and it’s nice to see that they are expanding to include more body types. After all, fashion is for everyone! The women in the NOLA ad are gorgeous all on their own, but they’re also wearing cute workout clothes that can boost confidence at the gym, on the court, or wherever they go.

4. It’s breaking stereotypes.

People need to stop thinking that plus-size means “lazy” and “incompetent.” Just look at Graham, Woods and Yeo! They are shooting hoops, running, stretching and getting their verb on! These women don’t exercise to get skinny; they do it for their health and wellness. That is a message that needs to be spread far and wide, and the NOLA campaign is a huge help.

5. It’s real.

It’s obvious that women everywhere are getting sick and tired of seeing advertisements that promote impossible-to-achieve bodies. Consumers are demanding realness, and we’re finally starting to see that happen. Women are tall, short, thin, fat, black, white and everything in between. The NOLA campaign is an amazing departure from the emaciated models we’re used to seeing. Check out this site where you can purchase items from the NOLA collection, and you will see that the pieces are modeled by real plus-size women who look beautiful, confident and inspiring. These models more closely resemble the women we see among our friends, family and coworkers. Yes, there are real women who are thin, and they are just as beautiful and important. However, the women who wear something larger have never had their moment, so let’s allow them to celebrate their bodies and all they can do. And let’s allow them to look fabulous while doing it.

Header image courtesy of NOLA activewear 

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