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5 Extracurriculars We All Wish Existed

By Ariel Beccia--Oh, high school. These are the years that we’re supposed to acquire necessary educational skills, mature in our relationships with others and generally prepare for life ahead.

In reality? It’s four years of homework, drama and the looming question of what’s next? That’s why so many of us turn to sports, clubs or extracurriculars: they add fun, friends and meaning to what sometimes feels like going through the motions for 180 days a year.

When I was in high school, I was on the cross-country and track teams. My coach worked hard to foster an environment that framed exercise and competition as a fun and team-centered endeavor. This is something that I am greatly appreciative of looking back, as his approach is sadly not a universal one.

In fact, sometimes the culture of extracurriculars, especially sports or other fitness-related activities, is completely the opposite. This past spring, a school in the UK came under fire for promoting a fitness class aimed at attaining a “bikini body.” Sure, this is an extreme example (and thankfully, the school pulled the class and apologized), but it got me thinking…what would be a few awesome ways to spend the after-school hours?

1. Dance Club

I’m not talking ballet or swing dancing. This is a no-shame, worst-moves-encouraged dance party, because movement and exercise does not (should not!) have to be boring or a chore, but rather something fun. Dance like nobody’s watching; it’s good for the body and soul.

2. Beyoncé Fan Club

Or any strong female role model, really. We will all be hanging out at the Lemonade stand, talking about BeyoncĂ©’s confidence and drive and how we’re going to channel this to go after our own dreams.

3. Puppy Petting Club

Need I say more? There is perhaps nothing more soothing than a snuggle session with a ball of unconditionally-loving fluff. All that stress from your mounting pile of homework? Nothing that these faces can’t make better. 

4. Varsity Lawn Games

This is where things get serious. Summertime means vacation for some, and in-season for others. You know who you are. Practice your hole-in-one through old carnival props and around kiddie pools all year long and shock everyone with your skills come July. Boom.

5. Naptime

Call me crazy, but I’ve been wondering since kindergarten why naptime got removed from the curriculum. The older we get, the more responsibilities we have, and I’m thinking we need a little downtime, too. Self-care is just as important as that never-ending to-do list, and if I can join a club that’s essentially an organized sleepover, sign me up. 

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