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3 Reasons to Re-Watch ‘Gilmore Girls’ During Winter Break

By Alexandra Bohannon--This October, the Internet lauded the fact that one of the most beloved television series from the late 1990s to 2000s was coming back. This show is obviously Gilmore Girls, and it’s returning for a limited mini-series on Netflix in the near future.

Whether you watched the show when it aired, when it was added to Netflix, or you’ve never seen it before, here are three reasons why it’s a body-positive series worth your time.

1) Diverse Casting

The actors and actresses cast in Gilmore Girls are fairly diverse in their sizes and ethnicities, which is different from many other network TV shows. Gilmore Girls exemplifies, just through the choices made in casting, that individuals can be happy and respected at every shape and size. Gilmore Girls demonstrates to the viewer that the women and men of Stars Hollow are more than just their bodies—they have goals, dreams and can operate outside of what they look like.

2) No Obligatory Diet Episode

How many times is there a diet or weight-centric episode? An episode where typically the main female protagonist character hates their body, which acts as a PSA only for that episode, and is never discussed again? This depiction of eating disorders can be not only triggering and inaccurate, but also very insincere. Gilmore Girls skips this potentially damaging trope and the stereotypes associated with it, and focuses on the characters and their relationships without body drama.

3) Focuses on Enjoying Food with No Guilt

While some citizens of Stars Hollow criticize Lorelai and Rory’s food choices, neither of them change what they eat for anyone else. Between Sookie’s masterful creations as a chef at the bed and breakfast, or a Gilmore movie night with plenty of themed snacks, none of the characters suffer anxiety over what they eat. In fact, characters in this show demonstrate a real relationship with food that isn’t damaging.

Whenever you’re considering your next show to stream, think about Gilmore Girls—a body-positive show that is definitely worth your time.

About the blogger: Alexandra Bohannon is a graduate student at the University of Oklahoma getting her Masters of Public Administration degree. She currently works on women's leadership programs on campus. In her spare time, she can be found podcasting on the GoodTrash GenreCast, playing video games or doing yoga.

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