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Hi everyone. For 2 years I have secretly been cutting back on my food intake and skipping meals. I have tried to diet before but it never worked. I have cut out many foods from my daily diet and I recently started using my fitness tracker again and I have lost x amount of pounds in one month which I have been told is not healthy. I am now underweight and people are telling me to stop losing weight but I refuse. I must keep losing weight. I work out everyday and I don't eat much. I'm nervous for my next doctors appointment because of the amount of weight I have lost. I'm nervous that my doctor will tell me to gain weight and tell me to stop working out or make me eat certain foods again. I want to be skinny like a model. I want to be pretty and I want guys to look at me differently, like they actually think I'm pretty.

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I know I already replied to your other posts, but I wanted to reply to one of your posts again to stress how much I recommend you talk to your doctor and your parents about what you're going through. You can also call or chat online with the NEDA Helpline (http://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/information-referral-helpline). I'm concerned for you, and I hope you'll reach out to someone soon. All of us here at Proud2Bme want you to be happy and healthy, and the best next step to getting happier and healthier is reaching out to talk about these symptoms. We care about you, and your friends and family care about you. It's worth it to get the help and care you need. We're so glad you've posted here on Proud2Bme, and we hope you'll keep us updated on how things are going. Good luck, hiddengirl1234!

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It sounds like you want to be happy more than anything, and I totally get that. Maybe it might be helpful to find a therapist, because it sounds like you keep trying to be happy and aren't being able to get there. I get that people are frustrating you because they're worried, so maybe having a neutral party to talk to might help.

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I don't know you but, I have tried what what you are doing now. I almost landed in the hospital with no control over anything. I agree, you need to go to your doctor and work with him. Find a therapist. Sadly ED wants us to think that we would be happy when we get to a certain point in our weight goal. Not true! It wants more and more. I know at my lowest point in weight, I was so unhappy and thought I had to take off more. I am happier now because, I am at a stable point and doing things that I want to do.

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