Self-esteem Busters

Are there times when you get down on yourself? What leads to that feeling?

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So we have a topic called "Self Esteem Booster". I think it would help if we can show what our self esteem busters are. "I must be the only person in the whole world who can be put down by this!" I'm sure we've all said this at one point. But this is why we're here to show support and to not feel alone. So what are some things can bring you down?
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Here are a few self-esteem busters I thought of: - Listening to happy/upbeat music - Visiting or calling a good friend for support - Writing in a journal - Taking a brisk, long walk - List the things you love about yourself - Setting aside time every day to do something you love - Writing down a few (or many!) things from your day that felt nice . This could be an accomplishment you are proud of (i.e., I gave great advice to a friend today). It could be a small thing that made you happy (a cute dog on the street or enjoying your morning coffee). As you accumulate these daily journal posts, look back on old entries.
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What brings me down many times is pressures of school...being a college student can be stressful and many times I unfortunately get down on myself and my self-esteem suffers. I am trying not to compare myself to others (be it academically related or having to do with my body) because I know everybody is different and beautiful in their own way....
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A suggestion I made to a girlfriend of mine sounds kind of corny but once she did it, made her feel pretty good. We came up with this idea of a sticker chart. Every day she had to say something good about herself in the mirror. Anything good... if she made someone laugh that day, if she liked her outfit or how she decorated her apartment. And after that she had to put a sticker on a calendar to acknowledge that she had said something good about herself. After even the first month she was surprised at all the positive things she could find about herself and it made her feel good. Just a thought if anyone wanted to try. But if you miss a day or two don't be down on yourself just start back up again and set goals to find something positive about you and fill up that calendar with stickers.
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Yes, I do agree that we should say or do something for boast our self-esteem. That's a good point we should say something we love about our selves each day that will boast our self-confidence and develop a positive attitude.
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I feel down when i look at people who i think are better than me or if i see someone in a magazine i feel especially bad of my skin color since im kinda dark skinded and you see mostly white people in magazines
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Oh I get this all the time. Actually, just last night I said something joking around that was funny and it took the person a few minutes to reply to my IM and I just felt very anxious and embarrassed that I said something wrong or they thought I was annoying/weird.

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