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It is Time to Redefine the Standards of Beauty

By Sydney Quick--I would be lying if I said I haven’t used filters or Photoshop before posting a picture on social media. How could I not? From a young age, we are taught not only what is beautiful, but what is accepted. Social media perpetuates these norms by indicating whether or not you are accepted by the mere click of the “like” button. 

Everyday Heroes Ensuring Anyone Can Be a Superhero

By Kira Rakova--Torrid, the plus-size clothing chain owned by Hot Topic, Inc., recently announced the release of various fandom-inspired dresses. Created in conjunction with Her Universe and Marvel, the new collection includes dresses inspired by Black Widow, Captain America, and even Star Wars.

The Dangers of Makeup Shaming

By Samantha Hom--Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, and Sofia Vergara have all jumped on the #NoMakeupSelfie bandwagon, posting pictures of their bare faces on social media. 

It’s Time for Women With Curves To Be Seen & Heard

By: Ashley M. Williams--I love it when I see real women represented in the media and in advertising. When I say “real women,” I mean women who don’t look like they just walked off the runway. 

Body Policing: USC Sorority "Sisterly" Email

By Ashley M. Williams--I never joined a sorority in college.

I was always asked if I was going to do so when I attended the University of Southern California, but never felt the urge to. Not that I think there is anything wrong with sororities, but it just wasn’t my scene.

As a student at USC, which has an active Greek life community, that was kind of unusual. It’s a huge thing at the university. They always have so many fun activities going on and it’s such a great way to meet people who could potentially become your friends for life.


Does your campus have eating disorder resources?

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