Personal Stories

I Had No Idea That ED's Voice Wasn't MY Voice

It took work for Brittany Posey to discover who she was separate from her eating disorder. But the rewards were worth it. Read her story.

5 Real Reasons to Date Someone Who Has Struggled With an Eating Disorder

By Peter Peliotis--Here's what I've learned from dating someone who has dealt with an eating disorder.

Sometimes Being Skinny Really Sucks

By Abigail M.--I am really thin and people always wonder if I have an eating disorder. I’m perfectly healthy; I just happen to have a fast metabolism.

In Support of My Sister

By Adam Radwan--It's my first time driving along Pacific Coast Highway and I am completely enchanted by the landscape: blue ocean, palm trees and million dollar Malibu mansions.

I Faced My Self-Loathing and Found Sunshine

In middle school and high school, I always seemed to hang around kids older than I was. I would always be introduced to things that were far beyond my maturity level.


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