Personal Stories

Losing Control, Gaining Recovery

By Kaitlin Lederer--It wasn’t just a moment in time and it was not an active decision.

Early Intervention is the Key to Recovery

By Tori Lilly--Early intervention is the key to recovery from eating disorders—but unfortunately, many people do not get the early intervention that can help their road to recovery.

Early Intervention Set Me Free

By Ini Ross--They tell you that struggle is just part of the story. That the obstacles you confront, the scars you gather and the fears you face are just a part of life.

On Early Intervention: Know the Warning Signs

By Jeanette Suros--I’ve been a picky eater since I was five years old. I constantly compared myself to others and had OCD rituals, including restricting food.

Early Intervention Helped Me Fight Back

By Pooja Patel--By the time I was 13, I had actively thought about taking part in eating disordered behaviors.


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