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When You're Bullied About Your Body: Tips from Someone Who's Been There

By Jen Rubino--For teen girls, being bullied about their bodies can result in struggles with body image, self-confidence and eating disorders. It can scar them just as much as any physical scar. I know this not just from my research on the subject, but from having it happen to me.

Let Her Eat Cake

By Melanie Klein--“Are you sure you’re not hungry?” he asked with grave concern as chicken grease ran down his fingers and his chin. We’d just finished a rigorous hike and I was starving—famished, ravenous and slightly light-headed.

Thick Dumpling Skin: How to Respect What's On the Inside

Lisa Lee and Lynn Chen knew from experience that food and body image problems were big issues in Asian American communities, but no one seemed to be talking about them.


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