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When Fitness Becomes Obsession

-By Annemarie McDaniel, SPARK Movement-

Every Thanksgiving during middle school, my evening was broken down into two parts: the meal and the post-meal workout.

Sticks and Stones

By Claire Trainor--On the first warm day of 7th grade, everyone wore shorts to school. All the girls in my small k-8 community couldn’t wait to show off their new spring outfits, colored shorts and tank tops with cardigans to cover our shoulders, per dress code requirements.

Everything was going well throughout the day until my friend showed me the texts his friends had been sending during the day: “Did you see Claire’s legs?” “Yeah, someone should tell her dimples are for your cheeks, not the backs of your thighs.”


-By Amanda Jones-

Every year during NEDAwareness week, I notice a slew of before and after recovery photos popping up on my newsfeed.

And while I get really excited to see people doing well in their recovery and think it’s great to show how far you’ve come, the pride you take in yourself, the strength in overcoming, I can’t help but wonder what kind of message we may be unintentionally putting out to those who view them.

When Striving For Perfection Hurts In Sports

By Nicole Weaver--When you find a sport that you love and that you’re good at, it can get out of hand. My sport was soccer. I was one of the fastest on the field, I loved the strategy behind it, and I loved the feeling of executing a great play. Of course being noticed as having natural talent with the soccer ball didn’t hurt either. 

Eating Disorders in Athletes

By Hilary Schafer--Being an athlete has given my life meaning. Being part of a team sport is extremely fulfilling and can bring a lot of happiness, especially in a time like high school where it feels like everyone is judging you for something.


Does your campus have eating disorder resources?

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