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Body Image Around the World: A Semester at Sea, Part 1

By Calli Zarpas--I’m going to be writing a Proud2Bme series on body image around the world as I participate in a Semester at Sea. Usually, I’d be starting the fall at Virginia Tech, but instead, I have started my school year on an 800-person cruise ship in Hamburg, Germany.

This ship is going to take me and 600 other college students, professors and crew around the world. We will be visiting Greece, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Senegal, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Ecuador and Costa Rica before we finish in San Diego, California.

"Girls' Life" Perpetuates the Idea That It’s a Man’s World

By Kaitlin Irwin--The magazine industry continues attempting to undo our efforts of empowerment, motivation and encouragement for girls. This time, the culprit is Girls’ Life magazine, which angered mothers, fathers and basically anyone who believes in gender equality. Their latest issue was an astonishing step backwards and sparked such a viral discussion that celebs like Amy Schumer and Blake Lively felt compelled to call it out.

You Don’t Have to Be What You See on Social Media

By Ashley Michelle Williams--Social media has such a defining impact on our society, despite only increasing in popularity within the past few years. This is particularly true when it comes to young adults and eating disorders.

Goodbye, Bikini Body: Women’s Health Magazine Changes Its Rhetoric

By Ariel Beccia--Ever since I could read, I have adored magazines. On a recent trip back home, I indulged in some much needed “me time” after a busy semester, and revisited all my old favorites (because yes, I have kept every magazine I have ever purchased).

The Dark Side of Princess Culture

By Ariel Beccia--Cinderella. Snow White. Rapunzel. Sleeping Beauty. These are the characters many of us grew up with: we watched their movies, played with their dolls and even wore their costumes.


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