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“I’ve Never Had an Eating Disorder, and I’m Proud of That”

By Amanda Connerton--At 21, I graduated undergrad, was accepted to graduate school and stared working my first 9-5 job, while simultaneously learning about the pain of paying off student loans and the real world.

Rob Kardashian, Weight Stigma, and Masculinity

By Pooja Patel--If you do not know who the Kardashians are you may live under a rock. It seems as if every Kardashian is celebrated for a different reason: Kylie and her lips, Kendall and her modeling, Kim and her business saavy, Khloe and her candor, and Kourtney and her adorable family. Yet, one Kardashian, Robert, is often spoken about in a different way.

ToyLikeMe: Dolls with Disabilities

By Devyn Parsons--Ask anyone what their favourite toy was as a child, and they will likely have an answer ready for you. Toys hold a special place in children’s hearts, serving not just as sources of entertainment, but also as friends.

Children play with toys to discover their identities, explore relationships, and practice other important skills.  Given the importance of play in children’s lives, it seems clear that the range of toys available should reflect the broad diversity of their users. Unfortunately, this is currently not the case.

Tess Holliday and the "Good Body"

By Erin Cowley--The Internet has recently been abuzz with the news that fat positive activist and founder of #EffYourBeautyStandards, Tess Holliday, landed a contract with MiLK Model Management and has released her first agency shoot.

"Rescue the Anorexic Girl"

By Hilary Schafer--When it comes to eating disorders, most people think that “just eating” is the answer to wellness. As if it is that simple.

Amazon recently retracted an app called “Rescue the Anorexic Girl” that played into that dangerous idea. To “rescue” the very thin girl, you would throw pies at her face.


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