The Body Hair Project

By Michelle Zaydlin--In our society, especially as women, we are constantly pressured to remove our body hair. We shave our legs, our armpits; get our eye brows waxed, and so on, as we continue with this desire to remove our body hair to conform to society.

The Road Within: An Interview with Gren Wells

By Emma Shakarshy--At Proud2Bme, we're tired of narratives that portray young people with mental illness as helpless victims. We're tired of one-dimensional characters and after-school specials.

So when we heard about Gren Wells's directorial debut film, The Road Within, which comes out this Friday, we were immediately excited by this refreshing take on an issue we've seen mishandled time and time again.

Meet The Artist: Vanessa Papastavros

We LOVE art that uplifts and empowers us, art with a message. That's why we couldn't help but stop in our Tumblr-cruising tracks when we saw the artwork of Vanessa Papastavros, or Van Scribbles.

People of Color and Mental Illness: An In-Depth Interview with Dior Vargas

By Kimberly Neil--I had the pleasure of interviewing Dior Vargas, a native New Yorker, Latina, feminist, and mental health activist. Dior is a Smith college alumna, writer, and all around amazing person. 

Recovery Dad and Recovery Girl

Eating disorder recovery can be a difficult process, both for the individual affected, as well as that person's friends and family. Parents often feel like they're on the outside, helpless and in the dark. That's why Recovery Dad and Recovery Girl started an incredible podcast project. They wanted to find a way to share their recovery story and the tips they picked up along the way. We were so lucky to interview this incredible father-daughter duo in honor of NEDAwareness Week.


Does your campus have eating disorder resources?

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