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Body Image
Truth in Advertising

Why We Support the Truth in Advertising Act

A constant stream of digitally "perfected" ads are taking their toll on our health and self-esteem. The Truth in Advertising Act asks the FTC to investigate and take action. Here's how you can support it.

Media Influences

Red Carpet Bodysnarking Hurts Everyone

By Mary Grace Baldo--The Academy Awards red carpet coverage will be, as usual, widespread and almost all-consuming.

Personal Stories

Redefining That Heart-Shaped Holiday

By Catherine Weingarten--Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I freak out over anything involving pink, heart-shaped cupcakes and attractive guys being painfully in love with me.

Your Health

Weighing Kids At School: Bad Idea

Schools across the country are now weighing students and tracking their BMI. But this attempt to address childhood obesity could be adding fuel to the fire of another epidemic: eating disorders.

Truth in Advertising

aerie Launches "Aerie Real" Ads With No Retouching

American Eagle's lingerie brand has released a new ad campaign featuring models who have NOT been retouched. We think it's a smart move, especially for a company targeting 15-21-year-olds.


Troian Bellasario on Recovery in the Spotlight: "Sometimes I Feel Like I Don't Belong"

By Brittany Posey-- In a recent interview with Seventeen magazine, Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario communicates her personal struggle with an eating disorder and self-harm behaviors as a teen.

Teen Activism

Activists Ask H&M to Use Plus-Size Mannequins for Their Plus-Size Line (Makes Sense, Right?)

By Brittany Posey--Diversity is a beautiful thing. Seriously, it’s gorgeous. As autonomous members of society, we do ourselves a service by embracing diversity.

Media Influences

Photoshop Trickery Sparks Real Life Insecurity

We've all heard that magazines & advertisers rely on Photoshop to achieve the "perfect" look. But do you know just how extreme these transformations can be? Watch this.

Teen Activism

Really, Abercrombie & Fitch? Why Aren't You Making Your Anti-Bullying Shirts in Plus Sizes?

By Benjamin O'Keefe--October 1st marked the start of National Anti-Bullying Month, a month that brings awareness & helps to prevent the harmful bullying that takes place every day in this country.

Join the Convo

Bodysnarking in "Compliments": Looking Critically at Media Coverage of Celebrity Weight Loss

By Brittany Posey--Bodysnarking is relatively straightforward in the media, most of the time. There are, however, exceptions, especially in celebrity infotainment media sources.

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