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"Kylie Jenner Lips" and People of Color

No shot glass or CandyLipz suction needed here.

By Kimberly Neil--As someone with naturally big lips, everything about the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” feels…bizarre. Let me take a step back to explain. As a biracial girl, I experienced puberty in a strange way. Since I have the features of both my mom and dad’s side of the family and I’m an only child, there was no one I could look up to in order to attempt to predict how my body would change. Everything was a surprise!

Kelly Clarkson Brushes Off Fat-Shamers

By Kaitlyn Oberg--Are you a woman of childbearing age, who is carrying or has recently had a baby?

Congratulations, your body is now public domain!

The Oscars and my ED

By Annie Stewart--I was ten years old the first time I was fascinated by celebrities. I was in a grocery store aisle, immersed in a magazine determined to look like the women in these magazines no matter the cost.

The Bieber Debacle

By Chelsea Kronengold--There has been recent controversy about the authenticity of Justin Bieber’s body in Calvin Klein’s Spring 2015 ad campaign.


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