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But First, Let Me Edit My Selfie

By Bailey Anderson--For me, one of the hardest parts of recovery was reappearing after treatment, in public and online, as a healthier me. Since being weight recovered, I have spent an excessive amount of time policing my online profiles, maintaining control over who takes my photo, and only selectively allowing them to appear on social media.

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#Selfies: Toxic or Empowering?

By Brittany Posey--Selfies on social media have become an ubiquitous image. The motivation surrounding the sharing and posting of selfies from social media users is varied, although there is the belief circulating that selfies are a form of approval-seeking behavior.

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Why #ThighReading Matters

By Angela Hui--Earlier this summer, thousands of women began posting photos of their thighs to Twitter with the hashtag #ThighReading, forming a vast mosaic of thighs of all sizes, textures, and colors.

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