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"Rescue the Anorexic Girl"

By Hilary Schafer--When it comes to eating disorders, most people think that “just eating” is the answer to wellness. As if it is that simple.

Amazon recently retracted an app called “Rescue the Anorexic Girl” that played into that dangerous idea. To “rescue” the very thin girl, you would throw pies at her face.

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Not Your 'After' Photo: The Co-Option of Anorexic Bodies

By Claire Trainor--I can hardly scroll through Facebook without seeing a DRAMATIC BEFORE AND AFTER WEIGHT LOSS article pop up by one of the website’s annoying sponsors. Usually, the photos advertise some sort of weight loss product, whether it be a new pill made from Oompa Loompa fruit or a ground up unicorn horn. 

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Cinderella and the Hidden Princesses

By Shira Moskowitz--Skinny sells. Reality apparently does not.

And unfortunately, for the major corporations that single-handedly produce the films our entire generation of youth grows up watching, they don’t seem to care—and it’s never been more apparent than in Disney’s newest version of Cinderella.

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