#IAmMoreThan Campaign: Undoing the Trend of Perfection

By Ashley Michelle Williams--When I was teenager, I remember the biggest back-to-school trend usually being related to some type of a new style.

4 Reasons Why I Am Attending the #NEDA2015 Conference

By Kira Rakova--Prior to interning at NEDA, I had been informally researching and reading about eating disorders for years. I spent time reading research studies, reading books, newspaper articles, and watching shows and films that addressed the topic of eating disorders.  In my own way, I have always been an advocate for eating disorder justice. 

3 Ways to Expand Your Body-Acceptance Advocacy

By Kira Rakova--Usually, when people speak about body-acceptance and positivity, they are talking about body size and shape. Given the prevalence of fatphobia and the lack of diverse representation even within plus-size modeling and clothing chains, this is a very valid conversation to have.

It is important to radically challenge these issues within our media, our everyday interactions, and even our internal dialogues. After all, if we want individuals of every body size and shape to be able to unapologetically wear and do whatever they would like, this conversation must happen.

Crop Tops Are for Every Body

By Ellie Herman--Following my college graduation, I gained a significant amount of weight in a matter of weeks. My jeans were suddenly too snug for comfort, and the waistband of my favorite shorts was now digging into my tummy, just below my belly button.

I knew that I needed those pounds, but the roundness of my new stomach looked odd to me; I was not used to feeling more like a pole than a board.

#Don’tJudgeChallenge Does Just The Opposite

By Michelle Zaydlin--Social media challenges have become a new way to speak up, stand up, and make a difference. From the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to Proud2BMe’s own #LoveYourRealSelfie challenge, social media is a great way to unite individuals across the world in a common cause.


Does your campus have eating disorder resources?

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