Write a letter to your body

Have you read Rae Smith's letter to her body? It's a really powerful message about self-acceptance. Let's start a letter writing campaign--to our bodies. Post yours here!

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Dear Body, I hate you. I really do. From the deepest of my soul, I hate you. I think you’re ugly. I think you’re fat. I think your boobs are too small and your hips are too big. I think you are disgusting. I think you’re not worth being on this earth. I think you are not worthy enough to live. But still, I’m amazed by you. Your nerves, which send signals to your brain in less than a moment. The fact that you can breathe. The fact that you can make a baby, that you actually enjoy reproduction. The fact that you can grow up, you can become bigger completely by yourself. You can learn things, remember things. That is really amazing. I cannot grasp how you do all that stuff. So I want to apologize. I did not give you what you deserved. I did not show you any love or affection. I did not keep you warm and energetic. Instead, I hurt you. I ruined you. And I blamed you when you did not do things the way I wanted. I cannot not promise to never do things like that again. Not yet. I still hate you too much. But I will try and love you more and more. Every day I will try and love you a little more. I have concrete plans how to manage that. I will love you more tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after. I will love you more. I promise. Sincerely, Charlotte (Okay, I'm sorry for all the language mistakes. And I hope this is a little like you wanted this to be. Lovexx)
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Hi Charlotte, Thank you so much for sharing this! Learning to love our bodies can be tough for all of us, but is so important. We are all different, but we are all so beautiful in our own ways - and yes, you're right, our bodies can do miraculous things! Keep your head up and keep thinking positively about yourself. You are wonderful and deserve to be loved! :)
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Dear Body, First I would like to apologize for all the times i've focused on your flaws instead of your strengths. The times I've been angry with you for being sick , anytime I have criticized you . The truth is you are so strong and have survived so much. I promise to take good care of you so yo will continue to be strong and healthy. I think you are amazing for all that you accomplish , simulanteously. The human body is truly beautiful and a work of art. So dear darling body, I love you. We have undergone many changes, been very sick and very well. Yet you continue to take me where I am going. Thank you Love L
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Dear Body,

We haven't had the best relationship these past few years and most of that is my fault. I tried to change you and I shouldn't have. Because you know what? You're absolutely beautiful. Every time I see you in the mirror these days, we smile at each other, we're so gorgeous. I can't expect you to fit into the same clothes forever--but we can have fun shopping for new ones that do fit.

You are so amazing, you know, you've never left me. Thank you.

Love (and I do mean LOVE),

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Hi Hanafan36, Thanks so much for posting. It's sounds you really love and appreciate your body! Keep thinking positive and have fun shopping for some great clothes :)
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Wow everyone you did an outstanding job on this! From what I read, we truly cannot appreciate our body until we've seen the "ugly" side of it. It has happen at some point in our life where we've looked in the mirror and hated what we have seen. But there is more to us than how we look today. Our body is the greatest working machine ever made!

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