Mirror, Mirror

Body image is your mind's picture of your physical appearance. So what impacts that reflection you see in the mirror? How do you feel about the way you look?

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hmm, when i look into the mirror i see myself. (haha) I see that i'm not really REALLY fat, but i do see a chubby girl. I'ts kinda weird i guess, cause i am underweight. It's strange :p
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Hi Vanilla, The problem is your perception and focus. At this moment you look in the mirror, only noticing the negative things of your body. Maybe you should give it a try and name a positive thing you see, when you look at yourself. The first times it can be hard, maybe because you don't know what to say or think. But when you realize you have amazing eyes, shoulders, toes, whatever... you might experience a better feeling about yourself because you focus on the good things of your body. Good luck! Lexii
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hi Lexii, haha, i looooove my toes, :p oke not. I wil try, hopfully it will work (:
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it's funny because last week a therapist challenged me wich has lot to do with perception in the mirror. One of my groupsmates had to draw while I was lying on a big piece of paper. So she drew lines, and when I came of the paper and looked at my own figure, it must be because she drew around me while i was lying there, and I saw a thin person... I saw something else than me... It made me cry for a long time because it makes me wonder... if i can't see myself realistic on the outside, then what's actually on the inside??? Very confusing.
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i know what you mean, when i was in treatment my therapist made me draw myself on paper then she traced me on the same paper and it all fit way inside the lines i had drawn. it was really strange :/

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